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Goat Steak 8 12, 11:12pm

'@DarkMage7280' When I look at the last panel, the song "Iron fist" from Motörhead plays in my mind. Somehow all the lyrics kinda fit. About Evil eye, devil's grip (that grip from Norway's shirt), silent horse, flying hooves, "can't go on but you can't go back" (Since he struggles to build it every year and can't stop burning it), and "Scared to move but you can't stay here" (Norway) etc.

Finland should wear the "Iron fist" metal gauntlet of The Special Lion and hold a sign that "I can see the fire in your eyes, big brother... release your demons, Perkele!" :D

"You know me, evil eye. You know me, prepare to die. You know me, you can't resist. Devil's grip, the iron fist."