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Goat Steak 9 12, 6:01am


The Nordic Cross does represent Christianity, but we don't really even see it as a religious symbol. Even all the several songs about our flag sees only two colors, blue and white, and usually nothing about cross. Those two colors, are used often as euphemism about anything Finnish-related and reminds about views of summer sky in our nature or at the porch of sauna. When someone says that he flew back with blue-white wings "Sinivalkoisin siivin" everybody knows that it means traveling using Finnish airline Finnair.

And the Nordic Cross and lions were used already in 1300's in Kalmar Union, and it has become a trademark of not only Nordics but The North, I can think of 11 different flags in Northern Europe that uses the Nordic cross, including Åland and Faroes. This does not include England, Scotland etc. If we count the cross in Union Jack as a Nordic cross, then it is in way over 100 flags worldwide, in all British territories.

So believe be, something that is so deeply-rooted and dating back almost millennium, symbols of such venerable history of unity through both glorious and awful centuries up to this day, is definitely not going anywhere. From Viking age to great bloody wars to most well-being and socially progressive area on the planet and a paradise on earth. And besides, who doesn't love such adorable creature like our beloved Special lion? :D