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Goat Steak 11 12, 2:00am

I meant the 600 lynx in Estonia and the 2300 lynx in Finland (and 1500 in Sweden). Althogether, the nordic lands have a division of lynx, each as deadly as Simo Häyhä. Lions are hierarchical pack animals and rarely survive alone. Lynx are lone survivors.
Edit. Lions team up to kill a smaller guy. In heraldics, lions is about a king forcing others to serve him in forcing yet others to serve him. A lynx would never force others to serve him, lynx represent democracy.

But yes, TH Ilves has his moments. On the other hand, in my opinion THI furthers an agenda and makes compromises that are sometimes at odds with the will of the majority of estonians. And in such cases he likes the democracy and teamwork done in his way.