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Equal Fight 16 12, 7:54pm

@brokizoli That is, as a lot of people have already said, totally not the case. Women are basically just as competent as men, and in any group with enough people of both genders, it would be very strange if the ones leading it was not representative, competence-wise. Added to this, the important part is actually not as much each individual's competence, but the groups competence all together. One group consisting of 10 competent white men with a background in engineering will not be much more competent than any individual member, while a group consisting of 10 competent people from different backgrounds will be a very competent group, with a much wider set of competences. This logic will at some level hold even if the white men weren't all engineers, and even if they each by themselves were a bit more competent than the individuals of the other group.

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