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Equal Fight 18 12, 11:24pm


"Historically, rape has been defined as forced sexual intercourse initiated against a woman or man by one or several people, without her/his consent. In recent years, several revisions to the definition of rape have been made in Swedish law, to now not only include intercourse, but comparable sexual acts initiated against someone passive—incapable of giving consent—because they are in a vulnerable situation, such as a state of fear or unconsciousness."
^ I'd say this is a rather universal definition of what rape is, or should be. Wouldn't you agree? What is wrong with going by Sweden's own definition of what rape is?

"The BRÅ has not released detailed data on rape committed by immigrants since 1996, but according to that report individuals with an immigrant background made up 53% of all rape convictions between 1985 and 1989."
^ Police reports doesn't include the nationality or ethnicity of the perpetrator anymore. Hmm, I wonder why? Could it be of political correctness? A phobia of being called a phobic? Even the dictionary is being remade into pandering to this human trash.
^ I'd say a 1500% increase in rape is insane. And this is going by police reports. Not fake claims/allegations.

Suggestion: Travel to the US. Dearborne, Michigan, to be more precise. And see "cultural enrichment" for yourself.

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