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Equal Fight 20 12, 10:51am

Poor people commit more crimes, amazing scoop sherlock holmes.
When you Europeans were crowding over the Atlantic to us you also moved into shanty towns and ghettos, and formed gangs and committed a shitload of crime, before things chilled out and those groups gained economic footholds and so forth.

"Suggestion: Travel to the US. Dearborne, Michigan, to be more precise. And see "cultural enrichment" for yourself. "

What's wrong with Dearborn? Its not a seething miserable ghetto like Swedish immigrant quarters, its a pretty typical urban town next to a big city. The crime rate is higher than the national average, but that's not bizarre for the urban setting and WAY better than what actual crime ridden areas are like. So yeah literally the only reason anyone talks about it at all is because of a large Muslim population. Sounds like you know nothing about it at all aside that. Hell you don't even know how to spell it lol.

Its so boring a news search for it on the first page is mostly stuff about dogs being up for adoption, town calendar updates, and some local sports crap. The only thing that even hints at the Muslim population is a demonstration for Aleppo.
That sounds really horrifying huh?? Who will adopt Spencer the Labrador Retriever??? Will the firefighters actually manage to spread cheer at their hokey local event??? What is open and not on the holiday schedule???

I live near to a growing Muslim population myself though, lots of Turks and South Asians mostly. According to you the boring suburb and slightly less boring semi-urban town where this is happening will see a horrific spike in crime. Oh but wait nothing is happening.