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Equal Fight 21 12, 6:51am

@Karen I don't know how things work in Iceland, so I can't comment on that, but some countries set certain quotas of employed men and women. Which means that when they're at the edge of said quota, they will have to choose a slightly less qualified candidate based on their gender.

Personal story here: I am male, and I went to a vocational school with around 80 - 90% women. Even though I wasn't not qualified, I can't help but feel that my gender played part in that application process, because they wanted diversity. If I knew I'd be in the way of a woman that was better qualified, I wouldn't have wanted the place.

I whole-heartedly agree with equal chances for everyone, and I see that people are still judged based on their age, race, gender, etc., which is fucked up. I just don't think that fighting sexism with more sexism is really a good way.

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