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Break the bars 31 12, 4:54am

As much as I want to agree, remember this is just the perspective given to us by news outlets and media in general. Which is very rarely the whole truth, add that the 'normal' american's are highly unlike their politicians and news, just like any country ever.

That said America is most definitely unique, considered the 'biggest' power in the world, generally, yet as this example with prisons point out, its lack of proper support of their citizens, social system e.t.c. its health system and whatnot, I really do wonder some times, personally and this isn't meant to insult anyone, "The american dream" seems to be one big propaganda against their own citizens, which in some ways can make America seem like some of the third world dictatorships out there. Then there's trickledown economy, which has been disproven insanely so, yet you still have american's voting against their own interest.
With Trump at president, and the surprising amount of low income workers that voted for him, they basically voted themselves out of health care...
So yeah, does the media fairly represent the people of america? heck no.
Is America when you look at what goes on in, a country at odds with itself?