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Break the bars

Break the bars

Fun fact: The Scandinavian prisons are practically hotels compared to most other places in the world, but you have to pay for your stay. When you get out a bill is sent to you so tax payers won't have to pay for your stupidity. The government will then help you get back into society so you can get a job and pay it off.

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29th December 2016
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8 years ago #9572945        

Omg, Russia is date-raping from behind. Chloroform doesn't work with people that have so high tolerance for vodka. :XD:

And I have to point out, that Sweden is not under American protection, but under Finland's protection. Finland has never had American protection, and our army has never been defeated. It would continue fighting from the woods even in the event of occupation. And our army has by far the biggest artillery in EU and military reserve of a million men. Occupying Finland would be really expensive and would gain just about nothing but trouble.

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8 years ago #9573197        

The more I read about Murica the more I doubt that it is a first world country

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8 years ago #9573128        

Isn't tax evasion the one crime in the nordics that gets you a 10+ year sentence? But rape? Nah, 21 days of community service for you! Sweden yes.

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8 years ago #9573129        

America is, sadly, a country addicted to bloody and biblical, old-testament style vengeance, not 'corrections' or rehabilitating anyone so they can return as a useful member of society. Never has been nor, unless there are deep psychological changes in the national mindset, especially of the allegedly bucolic rural areas where it is preached from altar, pulpit and civic podium, will there ever be. If it weren't for the Constitution, Vlad ČšepeČ™ could probably have been the most popular judge sitting the bench or warden in many states. Nothing is more appreciated in many places than a maximum penalty prosecutor, a 'hanging judge' or a warden from hell.

And once you're in the system, the 'System' is never willing to let go, even if you are an innocent caught in the web. Nor will the System, more than very rarely admit a mistake or punish prosecutorial wrongdoing, such as lying to the jury to convict or deliberately withholding exculpatory evidence from the defense. Many judges in the NorthEast are said to refer to cop's testimony on the stand as 'testilying.' Even when the evidence clears a suspect, many times the charges aren't tossed, just modified... See ->

One reason for mass-incarceration is convict labor. After the Civil War, the slaves were freed - except in one special case under the 13th Amendment; the government can keep slaves and engage in 'involuntary servitude' for anyone 'duly convicted' of a crime. Convicts quickly replaced freed slaves as a source of cheap labor that could be rented out to private individuals or used by the states throughout the South. The concept worked very well and spread to other places that had never had the benefits of a captive slave population until then,

Another was as a tool of social control to segregate and manage the lower classes; the book calls it for what it is, prisons and felony convictions are the "New Jim Crow" and it works not only against those of color and the poor, under-educated whites but it is now being turned on the middle classes as well.

Maybe the worst reason is the System can NEVER VOLUNTARILY ADMIT A MISTAKE!

And no, I have never been in trouble, or had a conviction... just been awake and seeing wrongs and injustices other people have gone through for the last 50 odd years even when it was allegedly for their own good, so no, I may love my country and I love the American Dream and all it stood for, but I know that dream isn't real anymore.

Language warning; George Carlin ->

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8 years ago #9573077        

Kidnapping Finland? A new landmark in the history of bad ideas.

8 years ago #9572928        

Percentages, huh... Well 37% of incarcerated are blacks even though overall they're 10% and another 35% are hispanics who overall are only 16%. And what percentage of blacks and mexicans do Scandinavians have?

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8 years ago #9572947        

This is just brilliant. And true. The problem is that anything that remotely smells of socialism is terrifying for the US. Point is, as long as you take care of everyone's basic needs, crime goes down. And as long as you invest in your citizens by offering them help instead of sentences, you have more people returning to society instead of crime. It's a win-win.

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8 years ago #9596921        

"As if Russia could sneak up on Finland.." Dont forget this kind of thing, here is French Foreign Legion soldiers answer;
"How well trained are basic Finnish reconnaissance soldiers?"

"You don't want to mess with the Sissi."
"Don´t be fooled by their odd name, they are the epitome of long range reconnaissance patrol and would give anybody on earth a run for their money."
"In support of Matti Porkka ´s answer, I will correlate in saying that some retelling from friends of mine in the Swedish Defense Forces who did joint exercises with them are a bit unsettling…"
"As an exemple, during one of these exercises, a platoon of Swedish soldiers was to try and track down a team of Finnish Long Range Recon Patrol in Northern Sweden. The Swedes were equipped with all kinds of gear including helicopters, night vision gear and K-9 assets."
"The exercise was supposed to last 6 days. The Swedes never found them. They never so little as glimpsed or heard them once and every trail their dogs picked up led into a maze of several hours in impossible terrain before leading them back to the exact original point where they had picked the scent up."
"During this week, the Sissi :
regularly stole food from the Swedes and left thank you notes in Finnish
“ borrowed ” canteens, ammo, clothing and even boots from the Swedes which they hanged up in trees
stuffed the heads of dead rabbits and snakes in some of the Swedes´ rucksacks
woke them up early in the morning with tear gas
they culminated in capturing one of their sentries and held him captive for 48 hours before returning him blindfolded and unarmed but well fed and healthy to his camp"
"At the end of the exercise, the Sissi exposed to the Swedes high resolution photographies of each one of them with names and ranks. They even had some of their nicknames written down. They had sketches portraits of the dogs with their specificities such as name, sex, size, approximative weight and physical characteristics. They also had their radio codes."
"That might give you an idea how well trained and skilled they are at what they do."
"These people train at “ welcoming” Russians to their land again any day of the week since WWII and that is a very serious matter to them. They have not let their guard down since then, it´s part of their military culture. Finns in general are very special compared to the rest of Nordics. Finns are considerably tougher on the average, it is due to a rather unique cultural concept they refer to as sisú. Mental toughness and resolve is still a cultural value to Finns which is very unique among Nordics. I have always been impressed by Finnish military knowledge of bushcraft and winter warfare and not many military in the world of armed forces master these type of knowledge to the extent Finnish long range recon patrols do."
Stay Strong

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8 years ago #9584719        

For every non-American reading this:

Trump is not America
Our Government is not America
Hatred, intolerance, and brutality is not America

We are America
We the People

The largest demonstration in US history happened on Saturday. We, the People, protested against hatred, intolerance, and brutality. We refuse to be represented by somebody like Trump.

We the People are America

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8 years ago #9574513        

The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.

Giving good for good is justice, giving good for evil is love.

Trust no one in whom the desire to punish is strong.

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