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Break the bars 3 1, 12:05am

@Tyekanik Not bothered to think why 37% of the incarcerated population is African American and the other 35% is Hispanic right? Well let me inconvenience you with some truths:
1) They are more persecuted by the police and justice system than whites!
2) It's statistically proven that a white person is more likely to get off with a pat on the wrist and maybe a fine having been apprehended for similar crimes than a person of one of those minority groups.
3) Blacks and Hispanics get harsher sentences for minor offenses.
4) The institution of policies like stop and frisk which has made racial profiling a way to get more prisoners for jails.
5) The implementation of quotas in some police departments which force the cops to go after the vulnerable and most likely to be taken to court.
Want more?

How about the Private Prision Bussiness that has made profit a big part of the incarceration problem that the US has? And of course they don't go for the Methheads with labs in their kitchen they go for the minorities that can't afford propper representation in court and therefore are most likely to get sent to jail so they can cash their big fat checks!
You have all the information, you just refuse to see it!