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Break the bars 6 1, 2:55pm

@GracieTheGlaceon I couldn't agree more. I think people who have only lived there just don't see it, because they don't have anything to compare it to. But I've lived in a few places including there, and it is just shocking. The near-necessity of owning a firearm in some places just to be safe, the potholes in roads everywhere, the old cars and poverty everywhere... it just isn't like that in other truly first-world places. I'm in Australia now and I saw my first pot hole in three years a couple of weeks ago. I just went by that road again and it is already fixed. Just one example, and a rather trivial one all things considered, but it's just an example of a more civilised society that runs smoothly and everyone is taken care of. Oh sure, you have rich and poor just like anywhere else, but the overall quality of life across the board is better. I don't ever plan to go back to the US if I can help it.