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Break the bars 4 1, 8:13am

'@kingdelvin12' 1) I have no problem with you admitting that the US is far less homogeneous, though that's a bit odd to admit in context.

2) Comparing poor American "white" cohorts to American black or Hispanic won't serve your assumption. It'll be quite embarrassing, particularly the blacks. "White culture" doesn't remotely work the way black culture does. It's not even a real coherent category. The subcultures of whites in poverty aren't remotely as violent or thieving. Ironically, they're FAR less proudly racist too, which reverses big media and pop culture's pretenses otherwise. They don't get to waive a race card, instead getting the white guilt penalty and the white trash kick while they're down.

3) Oh, you know what we're arguing about, or you would be making the other points at all (unless you're saying had no point in your other points...), so why you fronting on point 3, hmm? The standard criticisms of America(n culture) and particularly white America(n culture) are bloody obvious as are the standard whitewashing of black and Hispanic cultural toxicities. We're not allowed to address primary problems with the primary perpetrating groups because the PC quasi-religion (which has converted the EU and Nordic regions quite thoroughly...) says so, yet we who aren't those groups catch the flak for them with our hands as bound as our mouths. It's a sick joke, which makes most of the jokes around here quite perverse.