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Break the bars 14 1, 5:39am


> “So essentially it works because it always has worked and therefore always will work, despite all the cracks covered by chewing gum and duct tape?”

Hardly, ryttyr, hardly, but many things that need fixing are too big or are off limits. Pour some concrete into a pothole, for instance, to fix the street outside your house in urban America; go to jail and get billed for the removal of the concrete, so you do what you can; when you can; where you can and for whom you can.

The folks in the government that most people interface with (civil service) are so tightly bound and constrained by rules, regulations, laws and ‘guidelines’ written by the political classes that they can’t budge, let alone provide real substantial help at the individual level many times. Yet they take the blame for the failure, not the Nomenklatura.

> “The world is constantly changing and the tree must bend to the wind or risk breaking apart.”

And break it will.

To use a Russian comparison, we are about to inaugurate our Yeltsin.