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Break the bars 1 1, 2:59pm

@ryttyr Sixty-plus years of life and getting to know my fellows all over the country has shown me it is mainly because most the little people (us peasants) really do try to do the right things (as they see it) for their country, themselves, their friends and neighbors. Most of the folks who work (not rule) for 'da Gubba'mint' really do so because they love their country and are called to the professions there because they really do want to help make things work for the betterment of all. The good Lord knows the pay isn't the best.

As a whole, we generally try to ignore or disregard the demagogues, preachers, idiots, martinets, lunatics and other crazies that get in the way and generally succeed.... Unfortunately, there is a streak of anti-intellectualism that runs wide, deep and back all the way to the British Colonial period and THAT can be a real problem. It is, you could say, in our blood and national genes, and it bit us; it can happen here. Maybe it is an anglophone thing....

See for more -> if you're really interested.

We're also, unfortunately, suckers for snake-oil patent medicine sellers and politicians who tell us they have a bon-i-fid-e, genuine, quick-fix for all our problems and we fall for it over and over and over.

ps. So please, don't look too close, we really keep things patched together by slapping a lot of chewing gum, spit, sealing wax and old plaster over the cracks and the holes. Oh, yeah, we also use a lot of duct tape -'cuz it has a light side and a dark side an' it holds the universe together.... :) Seriously