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@Nubsva Explain to me then, how the cold war was a big deal, if the use of nuclear weapons is "an idiotic argument"? Yes it is mutually assured destruction, but is humanity really known to be the brightest bunch?
Now i can't seem to find the original post, i guess it may have been down-voted or something, but i believe i also mentioned aerial attacks? Did you neglect that or just forget that i mentioned it? Because fighter planes are a pretty big deal when it comes to attacks on other nations.

We seem to be in a disagreement as to how we define a "defeat". Can we agree that a defeat is the opposite of victory? if yes:
The soviet wanted to invade Finland because Finland rightly refused to give up territory to the Soviet Union, they invaded and even though they met extremely tough resistance, they eventually broke through and the finns brokered for peace because the fight was lost without further help from other nations. So was the Finnish army victorious? I would personally say no, unless i remember wrong, the only other option apart from victory is defeat, so was the Finnish army defeated in the winter war? yes?
Your original claim was, as i believe, that the finnish army had never been defeated, that is what i respond to and what i originally responded to, not whether they were only "halfway defeated" or "slightly defeated".