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Break the bars 12 1, 11:47pm

@real-cool-cat Technically Finland is not really protecting the north because technically the Russians could make use of their fleet to technically go across the baltic sea and mess us up, they could also technically make use of their nuclear bombs to bomb the living shit out of our collective asses.
So the only thing that Finland is technically protecting the Scandinavian countries from are ground assault, which is but one branch of a rather large military force that would annihilate any of our countries if not for alliances made with other nations... technically.
So... Thanks for nothing.

PS: The soviet wanted only parts of Finland, the finns refused, Soviet invaded, took heavy damage, Finland ended up ceding more land than the soviet previously bargained for. Now explain, why would Finland give up more than they bargained for, if they thought they had a chance to win the war.

WW2 also ended with a peace treaty, is your claim then that the axis powers did not lose the war?