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Break the bars 2 1, 11:13pm

@DarkMage7280 I think what Tiwack means is that we assume that most people are not evil by nature that that likely something is causing them to be that way. Rather than focusing on punishment to those who show abhorrent behavior, we try to figure out why they are doing that.
I still agree with people who say killers and psychopaths should definitely be kept away from the populace as of right now, it's incredibly hard to rehabilitate people like that if it's caused by a mental disorder, genetics or years of built up negative behavior. But I don't agree that they should be sentenced to death or kept in bad living conditions. Most people respond well or at least cordially to being treated like a human being, not a monster. So giving good to the "evil" is a love, a love for all humans even the ones that wrong us.

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