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Break the bars 4 1, 11:34am

@Nephandus 1: American subcultures like black ,white, Latino are pretty much connected to America it's self, reason why its called a subculture and not a actual culture. "ethnic group have different cultures, and some are blatantly toxic?", the sub cultures are somewhat the same because they stem from America.

2:it's not a ethnic culture more of ghetto culture. there are poor whites that are racist, the poor youth in both black and white can have negative side effects for them growing up like gangs, neo-Nazis, kkk, or black panthers. if I'm correct there are less poor whites in America, but there are more poor blacks and Hispanics.

3:gangs are mostly the ones that cause the most trouble/damage for people, in Britain the industrial revolution they had gangs and it was mostly caused from living in poverty or living in poor families.

4: i was just asking what was the point in making that comment in the first place. yes there are sjw's that ruin everything, but no everything has to be about that. this is not addressing the problem this pretty much comparing which race gets the most incarceration, which is really unnecessary for this . instead of talking about the sjw's and race incarceration , how about you figure out a good solution to fix the problem and help everyone.

5: listen the sjws and sensitive people are always going to bitch and moan, even for no reason. besides the world already knows how stupid they are, and how easy it is to laugh at them.