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Break the bars 29 1, 1:28pm


Well, Russia would probably want the whole world if it could. Has tried to do so. Has tried to annex Finland. Multiple times. One time succeeded, when Swedes sacrificed us to them. Why they would want Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania? Don't know, but it took them anyway. And many others. And still has parts of our land, even though you would think that last thing Russia wants is more land.

Finland is protecting the North because of it's geopolitical location. They basically have to go through us first. You don't propose that Norway's army is so weak that it could be taken over by a handful of soldiers coming from the submarines?

You are not the one who should be irritated. Just be glad that we are the ones who have to deal with a major military threat, second strongest army in the world right after USA in our neighbor, and it's hostile even today (not long ago simulated a nuclear strike, constant violations with armed jet fighters and submarines..). And you instead have next to you oil reserves, not even on your land, but still your property due to international laws. And since there is no military alliance whatsoever in the North, and our military expenditures are in no way subsidized by any other Nordic country, I think it's only fair to say that Finland is protecting North.