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Break the bars 4 1, 8:02pm

'@Cyborg'_Viking Red Guard fought against Finnish army. And Finland did not lose neither of wars, result of neither wars wasn't "Russian victory" but peace treaty. You can lose territory without army being defeated. You can lose territory even without a war. That is not the same as defeated army. Stalin thought he can invade Finland in 5 days. Instead he fought five long years without success. People can of course debate all they want, debate so much that black turns to white and trying to understand that debate is like trying to understand the smell of color 9.

Technically, we won. By we I mean the whole North. Because technically Sweden is under Finland's protection, since Russia needs to go through us first. NATO or anyone else will never offer that much protection than Finland does. Some weapon supply and sympathy cards, but that's it.

While speaking technically, we technically won, Sweden is technically under Finland's protection and Sweden technically don't have army, since it has no Russia-proof defense without Finland. Actually, no other Nordics do, so... you're welcome.