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Break the bars 17 1, 9:20pm

'@Cyborg'_Viking I don't know what info you mean I should get, but I am well versed of the capabilities of Nordic armies and Russian army. I know every single weapon system of even Norway and how they operate. This is something I study almost daily.

But if you are "fueling" as you say because of my words, it's better that I let you live in whatever conception you ever may have about Nordic military capabilities. I have no interests to troll or start heated debates, just stating my point of view based on crude facts. Sorry if I aggravated you, but denial and aggression is the most predictable psychological cover-up for feelings of guilt and shame, and what I said may have made you subconsciously ashamed your country's lack of military strength and it's parade of failures. But stating facts is never trolling in my book.

In scenario, where Finland is occupied and not protecting the North and Russia is able to use Finnish soil to attack, Norway's situation is hopeless. They would sexual intercourse you up beyond belief and beyond repair. Russian submarine fleet is very capable of blocking the help that NATO could deliver through sea. I'm sorry, but I just don't see that North could hold it's own in case Russians come through Finland.