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Break the bars 31 3, 5:26am


1) They are more persecuted by the police and justice system than whites! - got ANY backup for this?
2) It's statistically proven that a white person is more likely to get off with a pat on the wrist and maybe a fine having been apprehended for similar crimes than a person of one of those minority groups. - is there a SINGLE link to a study?
3) Blacks and Hispanics get harsher sentences for minor offenses. - ANY backup for this?
4) The institution of policies like stop and frisk which has made racial profiling a way to get more prisoners for jails. - how is that even remotely truth, it's just a baseless claim.
5) The implementation of quotas in some police departments which force the cops to go after the vulnerable and most likely to be taken to court. - a single backup link to quotas in police departments?

Want more? - want at least one truth not a bunch of propaganda similar to "women make 70 percent" lies.

And 'of course', 'of course', 'of course' more baseless claims.