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No day like today 7 1, 3:32pm

Conservatickle: "he would still reference being hindered by "Bush era politics"."

Yeah, because (and I know this might blow your mind, but) Bush *did things*. Obama was trying to *undo those things*, and was having *a hard time*. His goals were hindered by (wait for it) *Bush-era politics* and the choices made therein (choices like the Patriot Act, which was passed by Congress, and which the President therefore can't just eliminate without shirking his duty to execute the law, which would cause a Republican uproar, because of course it would, and in fact should, etc., etc., etc.)

Example of your own complaint (now with full context!):

"Obama banned "enhanced interrogation techniques" like water boarding and sleep deprivation, that were the subject of the report released Tuesday, soon after taking office in 2009.
'Old arguments'

But resolving those "old arguments" is proving more difficult. The United States, for instance, has transferred prisoners to foreign governments that still employ harsh techniques. And Obama faces questions about his own conduct in the campaign against terrorism, notably the drone expansion."

Conservatickle: "If It's still there, It's because they want it there."

The President: now able to pass laws without the consent of Congress!