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No day like today 8 1, 3:20am

I wonder what specifically you're even talking about with Obama apparently nonstop talking about Bush exactly.

"Bush Jr had his hands full by his second year"

And Republicans were busy shifting blame to Clinton over not going after Osama and being light on terror. With the USS Cole being a favorite topic for this case. Then the economy was blamed on Clinton, with attempts galore to downplay the surplus of the Clinton years.

"Trump bashed the hell out of Jeb Bush during the primaries, and Jr, and Sr afterward for not supporting his nomination. "

Funny, I remember some very specific topic he bashed Bush Jr on that you seem to selectively not recall. And boy what a harsh one it was. Something about two towers.

"I'll give Trump the same consideration I gave Obama, Bush, and Clinton, anything still in place after the first two years, they own it.
If It's still there, It's because they want it there. "

You are aware that the US government is run by more than the executive? I mean granted I don't think Trump is aware of this either, but you should probably be aware of this.