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No day like today 8 1, 3:39am

"Looks a bit like the attitude of Islamitic scholarship (if there is any)"

Of course there is.

"Tom Holland had a hard time writing about the actual history of the Islam."

Tom Holland is not a historian, which yes probably made it harder for him to write about history. Regardless of topic.

"Everything: events and non-events became attributed to Mohammed."

So you mean the early Islamic period has issues with contemporary propaganda, myths talked about like fact, and general romanticization and so forth?
Congratulations. This is ancient and most medieval history no matter where you look. You would have to be totally uninitiated in history as a discipline to be surprised at this, or think it was unique to the early Muslim community.
This is why I prefer modern history. Studying and researching ancient/medieval history is frustrating, full of gaps, and requires taking mountains of salt with every source you find and use.

"Fundamentalists like Al-Qaida and IS do not care about the history and culture before the prophet Mohammed. "

Fundamentalists also don't care about history after Mohammed, unless they can have it fit their vision.
The cosmopolitan and often risque era of Harun al Rashid's Baghdad is upheld as a golden age even by ISIS.....even though it was a puritan's nightmare. ISIS chooses to ignore this, or more likely they're also not historians and don't know what the heck they're talking about.