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Goodbye forever 20 1, 4:38pm

@rphb The EU project isn't failed like the UK implies, it has achieved a lot and I still believe in the goal. But it's grown too large, with too many small wheels turning, and it might need some restructuring. I believe the EU would have been better off if it was an union of unions. I believe it's easier to unite countries into smaller groups, and then unite these smaller groups into a larger group, rather than uniting individual countries into one large group. Say we created the Kalmar union again, and the Kalmar union would have been part of the EU initiative, which has the goal to unite unions and countries of Europe.

In any case, returning to an Europe where we abandon all unity is not a good idea. I hope the UK and France realizes this and will continue to help build a united Europe. And I think the contribution from us up north, to the project of fixing the EU, should be to recreate the Kalmar union which could to begin with have deals to cooperate with the EU while having EU membership as the long term goal.