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Goodbye forever 21 1, 4:32am

for a lot of people it was about immigration issues. TO pretend that everyone is unjustly drawing some comparisons between the two political climates is being a bit defensive. Yes, many brexiteers voted over political philosphies, as did many Trump supporters (Clinton was not a perfect option) and it would be naive to paint every supporter of Brexit or Trump as racist, ignorant, reactionaries. That is why they are compared. Two major, unexpected votes showing a disconnect between the popular vote (or at least the electoral college) and the established political understanding. The two situations are interesting comparisons between seperate, but mirroring political systems. It's not saying all Brexiteers would support Trump, or all Trump supporters agree with Brexit.
I'm an American living in Britain for over a decade, resident dirty foreigner. It easier to see my own country clearly from this view, and gain deeper insight into British politics... between the two it's a secial and unique view of insanity.