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Goodbye forever 21 1, 9:13am

@Lord_Skata Well you mention in the latter part of your comment about Britain becoming global... that's not exactly anti Globalism.

However I do agree for the most part. Most voters (backed by exit poll data) voted leave because of the sovreignty issue. Many, myself included, see the future of the EU as being one of federalisation. That the EU will strengthen the political union until it is a country, not a trading block. If rejecting that is anti-globalisation, then sure. But as you said, outside of the EU, Britain would be free to seek out trade deals with any country in the world. And despite my utter distain for the Annoying Orange in the White House, I am rather excited by the prospect of a free trade deal between the UK and the USA, which Trump has hinted at ("front of the queue" etc)