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Goodbye forever 21 1, 6:39pm

'@MikeJ' I think "cult" is a closer analogy then club to what the EU is. And there is no advantages of being members of the EU.
The EU does two things
It robs wealth from individual countries and then "redistribute it"
And it produces and endless scream of regulations that everyone have to comply to.
All of this without enjoying the legitimacy that a nationstate have, namely the consent of the governed.
In Westminster politicians are elected by the people, and while they also impose regulations on the people like any government, at the very least the people can "fire them" by voting for someone else the next time.
The EU's regulation comes from unelected bureaucrats. And even if it were democratic, even if the EU parliament actually had real power in this cult, instead of being equivalent to a student council in a high school (the house of lords have more power), then it would still be an unnecessary additional level of government.