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Goodbye forever 22 1, 8:03am

'@Carolus'_Rex The problem with the doctrine of "Mission to civilise" was not its laudable goal, but the fact that it was incredibly naive, you cannot civilise the inherently irrational savage, that is why the former colonies have or are in the process of reverting back to their pre-colonisational states of barbarism.
As for thy example, the separation of India was necessary due to Islam, it cannot exist in peace with anyone, it never have, and as long as Islam exist there will be Islamic terror.
If we look long and hard enogh we may be able to find a counter example, but as a general rule, the vast majority of all terror is committed in the name of Islam, and the last third in the name of communism, the reason for that is due to their similarity. They both seek world domination though submission and conquest.
They are both deceitful, and both think that the end can justify the means. They are in short both Evil.