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Goodbye forever 22 1, 8:21am

'@Vilkku92' If thou art in the mood look at this video:

But the difference between us is that I am not looking that the colonialism from behind the rose coloured linces of Social Justice Warriors professors. From India, to Africa and the New World the European presense improved the conditions of the local population and made them richer. They made everyone richer, first and foremost themselves of course, but everyone got richer as a result, that is the thing about capitalism, it is better for everyone, not just the few on top.
The hunt for resources meant increased trade, increased production, increased development.

But the Europeans didn't just came as capitalist, they also came as Christians, which means that they came with a genuine desire to help, to civilise.
The term "the white man's burden" is not ironic, it refers to the notion that it is the burden of the white man, to civilise the rest of humanity, to help them out of barbarism and savage.
If thou think that slavery and cannibalism is good, then thou can claim that it would have been better to leave them to their own devises, but if thou art against these things, thou hast to admit that I am right.

The thing is as a Christian, I am concerned about Good and Evil. Socialist are only concerned about power, because they don't believe in God, they don't believe in Objective morality.
Power comes in many forms, class struggle, gender struggle, race struggle, real or imagined the sympathy always falls on the less powerful group, irregardless of who is right, of who is just. Because for a socialist, justice don't exist, only power exist, and everything is a power struggle.