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Goodbye forever 23 1, 6:50pm

'@Vilkku92' The colonies were needed in order to have direct control over critical resources, which is important is one wants an independent strategic defence strategy.
Japan does well because they are a High IQ country.
A High general IQ is a purely racial trait. The Far eastern and the western Europeans have the highest average general intelligence.
And Japan was very much in favour of colonisation until they were defeated in WWII and had to abandon their dream of an independent strategic defence policy. They were trying to colonise all of the Pacific's region, and without the Christian humanist dimension this naturally lead to a more bloody end.

Kings and emperors always wants power, but Christianity constrains what is permissible, because it have a moral base that is not derived from power itself.
That is also why socialism is so dangerous, because it is an ideology that reject Christ, and thereby only accept power as a source to Morality.