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Goodbye forever 24 1, 4:16am

'@Vilkku92' I think the science behind IQ is pretty conclusive, just look at one of the many famous twin experiments, where biological identical twins were separated at birth and had different upbringing. Their adult intelligence is always almost identical.
Or as I said, look at the effort the former colonial masters from Europe put into educating the local population. Take India for instance, a country that had long benefited from being under British rule. The institutions that the British left behind are in shambles.
Or South Africa, the most painful example, that is going the way of Zimbabwe.

The most intelligent and best of Negroes in the world are the ones that live in the United States. They are better of because it is a primarily white country, and thereby can benefit from white rule.
They have an average of 5 point higher IQ then their African cousins, and the explanations from that vary from culture having a minor effect to simple interbreeding.

Try to think logically for a moment, can thou think of any reason, why people, that have developed under vastly different geographical environment still somehow ends up exactly the same when we don't see that anywhere else in nature.
And I am not saying that Negroes are racially inferior in every way, they have adapted to their environment and are better at surviving in it then we are. I cannot run after a gazelle until it collapses from exhaustion like they can, and we use that physical superiority in all sorts of professional sport.

The reason why Nordics and Han Chinese have so high an IQ compared to the rest of the human races is because they developed in an environment where long time planning was critical for survival.