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Goodbye forever 24 1, 6:23am

'@Hyporia' Thou make a valid point questioning my conclusion of causality, because correlation does not equal causation.
The first answer to why the Philippines rank so much lower then the Chinese is because they are a different race.
The general idea of the three races are a good guiding principle but it is not all that adequate as the world is more complicated then that.
As just one example, the Neanderthals are a slur for the less intelligent primitive, previous human genus, but the out of Africa races actually have about 3% Neanderthal DNA in their genome where the pure Negroid race do not.
Another fascinating fact is that one can also determine the race of a person simply by exterminating the skull. Its very fascinating just how big the difference is in the size and shape of the skulls between the races.
Even a lay person can see the clear differences when comparing a skull from a member of the Aboriginal race with the European Caucasian.

For what thou said about the school system. That doesn't actually affect General Intelligence. The purpose of schools are not to make people more intelligent, because that is impossible, but rather to make them more knowledgeable.
To use computer terms, our General Intelligence is like a processor, it determines how fast our brain works, how good it is at solving problems, knowledge is about how much is stored in the hard drive.

This is also why it is important when doing an IQ test that we sterilise it so it doesn't include trivia or other knowledge based skills.

And although thou hast not come with that objection, it is one that a lot of the race deniers bring up, so I will preempt it. One can always find anecdotal evidence of acceptance. This is not about that one Genius Negro that stuns everyone with his brilliance, it is about the average general IQ of the race.