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Goodbye forever 25 1, 4:21am

'@Hyporia' No no no, Negroids do NOT have any Neanderthal DNA, It was the other races, the ones that exited Africa that have the 3% Neanderthal DNA in them, because only they met the Neanderthals.
Try to pay attention, my point was that the modern Europoid and Mongloid race is a mixture of Homo Sapience and Neanderthals.

This doesn't really says anything, other then that which we already know, that the human races are biologically different. I know it is popular to pretend that biological differences does not exist in humans, that humans are somehow uniquely different from all other animals in that regard, and that both race and gender are social construct, and this is just one example to show why that view is nonsense.

Doth thou understand me?