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Goodbye forever 25 1, 5:30am

@PugBuddies Well just to put it into perspective the amount of gold Trump has already given us.

On the first day of getting into office Trump took a 3 day vacation saying that it would basically be strange not to have the first day be a "Monday" since you know.. Mondays are the first day of the week. Others have speculated that the huge protests (speculated to be the biggest in American history) scared him away.

Then we have him fumbling, trying to appoint his staff positions with a number of funny examples but still leaving 600 empty seats not to mention many without even a candidate. Many key positions are left open like the head of CIA because he was either too late, his nominee did not fulfill the proper requirements or he simply did not have anyone to fill the positions.

Then we have the hilarious attempt during his first press conference where he claimed the gathering at his inauguration was large if not a record. Something that all facts contradicts and in fact his is pathetically small. When being challenged on this their response was that they provided "Alternative facts" and maintain their talking points.

These are just things I remember on top of my head from the first 3 days. There are plenty more where they came from though. This is just going to be a never-ending string of hilarious screw ups.