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Goodbye forever 25 1, 5:38am

@Dasneko I'm well aware of all of those; the media here has reported every detail, and internet users have mined those stories for all the memes they're worth. And frankly, I'm already sick of it. I know Trump is a buffoon--a buffoon I didn't vote for, but still a buffoon. And I'm well aware of the fact that the rest of the world (and half of Americans) think electing him was a mistake. A little Trump humor can help dull the pain of living in a polarized country with a polarizing president; but most of the Trump humor online is thinly veiled bitter criticism with the subtlety of a sledgehammer. Humon's Trump comics, no matter how well done, will just (for me; I can't speak for every American, so this is solely my opinion, which others might share) become yet another voice in a crowd that keeps growing louder. The only way I'm going to cope with these next four years is if I find some peace and quiet, so to speak.