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Goodbye forever 25 1, 7:49am

@Dasneko And I get all of those reasons. I'm just….saddened by the whole situation, I suppose. I have Republican friends, and I have Democrat friends. Friends who reluctantly voted for Trump while calling Clinton "Crooked Hillary," and friends who are now calling all Republicans racist and sexist despite not knowing them at all. Trump and Clinton were two diametrically opposed candidates, and the media painted the campaign as a clear-cut good-vs.-evil battle (Trump was good on conservative media and evil on liberal media; the reverse goes for Clinton), but the situation on the ground was much more nuanced and much sadder.

People were forced to vote for a candidate they didn't completely agree with, or maybe strongly disliked, because they saw that candidate as the lesser of two great evils. There were some Republicans who genuinely liked Trump, and there were some Democrats who genuinely liked Clinton; but for the most part, Americans had a terrible choice forced down their throats. They made the one that seemed best to them, and now we're left in a country even more deeply divided than before, with hate groups venturing out of the fringe and grassroots protests leading, in some cases, to vandalism and property damage.

Point is: This was not a good election for my country. I love America. I know it's a deeply flawed country, but I want to believe that we can overcome those flaws and let our best qualities shine through. And this election showed me that this might not be possible in my lifetime. Nobody listens to each other. Republicans and Democrats dismiss one another's concerns with equal venom, and there's no way to convince the two parties to work together. I think Trump was a bad choice for President, but he's as much a symptom of the disease as he is a carrier.

So, long story short….I guess I just need a little more time to mourn this election and what it means for my country.