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Goodbye forever 1 2, 11:55pm


I see that old myth is being aired again. Its not the EU, or even the EEC that was responsible for the period of peace in Europe after 1945. NATO, the threat from the Soviets and the existance of nuclear weapons, along with the war-weariness of people across most of Europe were all factors,

If you knew about the history of Europe you would be aware that the major wars occur when a single power/bloc seeks to impose its views on the rest of the continent. There are two powers currently seeking to do that and both of them are valid reasons for concern. Oneis a nuclear power ruled by a proto-facist which has long desired domination of the continent. The other is less visible as it works more subtely but its supporters still seek to undermine democracy and human rights. As is shown by many of its supporters the last few months. :(

There is a nasty rise in closed nationalism in assorted 'national' states but one factor in that is the existance of close nationalism amongst prominent supporters of the EU. You will always get bigots and fools who seek to blame others for their problems but having a bunch of fanatics who repeatedly tell everybody they don't matter and will be ignored isn't a good idea.