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Goodbye forever 4 2, 5:39am

"If you knew about the history of Europe you would be aware that the major wars occur when a single power/bloc seeks to impose its views on the rest of the continent."

This is an utterly false truism. Its completely inapplicable for WW1, and doesn't even work particularly well for WW2. Hitler was the main obvious power, but he was far from the only one running around bashing down borders in the 30's and 40's. Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and the USSR all participated in mainly nationalist oriented acts of irredentism.
This also doesn't apply to the 30 Years war, or the 7 years war.
Frankly the only one it really works well with is the Napoleonic wars. So yeah, no.

"There are two powers currently seeking to do that and both of them are valid reasons for concern. Oneis a nuclear power ruled by a proto-facist which has long desired domination of the continent. The other is less visible as it works more subtely but its supporters still seek to undermine democracy and human rights. As is shown by many of its supporters the last few months."

So....Russia for the first one, and the far-right populist governments and movements for the latter. Or was there something else you had in mind for the latter?