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Lucky Accident 5 2, 3:03am

@ThorsomeTarmukas You claim that what I submitted were lies and statistics? Your NatGeo article sources the World Nuclear Association, which says that all but nine children of the original 4,000 people who got thyroid cancer immediately following Chernobyl were successfully treated. That's a really good success rate.

Furthermore, Chernobyl should be an indictment of Soviet-era communism, not of nuclear power. The reactor was ancient, the workers had removed the safety backup systems to perform unnecessary tests, and the government of the USSR did not respond quickly.

Was Chernobyl a tragedy of epic proportions that should highlight what can go wrong? Yes. And I do not wish to offend anyone who has been negatively affected by this. But check out the Banqiao Dam accident or the thousands that die every year due to lung cancers as a result of coal burning.

The anti-nuclear protestors (and industries that fund them) suggestion of stopping all nuclear power generation because of Chernobyl and Fukushima would be similar to suggesting that because cars from the 1960s and 70s are unsafe, inefficient, and pollute more should be a good reason for everyone never to use any cars at all.