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Lucky Accident

Lucky Accident

This is old news, but nobody I know knew about it, so there's a good chance most of you didn't either. Not everything that can go wrong does. Sometimes you get a lucky accident.

And I know you probably expected something else this week, but quite frankly it's becoming difficult to joke about all the terrible shit happening right now, so I'll focus on more positive things. Expect to see a lot more of Sister America for a while.

3rd February 2017

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16 days ago #9589679        



Any chance you'd consider Sister America starting to wear a pink hat with kitty ears?....

(such a hat is called by a slightly different name here...)

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16 days ago #9589962        



as america we thank you for showing off sister some, as brother america is having a bit of a psychotic breakdown right now

16 days ago #9589759        



Thank you.


Thank you for deliberately looking elsewhere than Washington and the utter clusterf*** happening there. For months, every day has brought some new terror (that, until two weeks ago, was merely "imminent"), so much so that I'm almost completely desensitized now...I should still be getting terrified; but it's just lapsed into constant low-grade fear and loss of energy. Don't even have enough left to get indignant, and there's not a way in he'll the actual news can be laughed off.

So thank you, SATW, for giving a defeated Texas Liberal something to smile about.


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99 O

Online Now
15 days ago #9590271        



Hello people who already reading this strip and curious about what it refer to, as I was.

Here is a reference:

Credit goes to @mecha for finding it. I'm simply relaying it.

upvotes so that it won't sunk into heap of comments. Thanks.

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40 M
16 days ago #9589662        



Nothing wrong is happening. Everything is fine. I'm not in denial. I'm fine. Everything is perfectly fine.

16 days ago #9589735        



Fun to take a break from all of the bad shit going down in EU and America right now, I came here for history in comics, not current shitty events. This made me laugh! Let's see more of this!


21 M
16 days ago #9589839        



I still hate Teslas. But that's because I am a mechanical engineer.


seriously though, electric cars don't fix the problem unless your power source is clean, like nuclear or renewables. In fact if the electricity is generated by coal-fired power plants, it's worse than a normal internal-combustion engine car. And that doesn't take into account the lithium mining and processing, and all the other toxic materials used to make batteries, and recycling them...

This topic really interests me, I've written papers on it.

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9 days ago #9594272        



Yeah, it's hard to really joke about what Carrotman's done in his first month as president. He's been trying to find ways to weed "disloyalists" out of government positions; he's been giving key positions to loyalists with the express purpose of them gutting the departments they're in charge of; we're all well aware that he's drummed up quite a few scapegoats for all the country's woes... All of this before he's even started his second month in office.

But hey, at least we know he isn't going to build a secret police force.

...That was taken care of for him by Dubya.

Looking more and more, every day, like the US has elected its first genuinely fascist dictator.

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13 days ago #9591564        



Sister America represents the non-horrible parts of America? ... that's really fitting, I'm down with that!

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36 F
13 days ago #9591468        



The comic would have been funnier if, due to autopilot, the car had refused to run into the wall ;)

But yes, Teslas do have a pretty impressive safety record. Even on the one thing everyone is scared of (fire). Check out how many kilometers they've been driven vs. how many fires have been reported, and compare that to gasoline cars**. Gee, who'd have guessed that having your flammable materials located inside individual cells, located inside individual canisters, located inside a box in the most armoured part of the vehicle, means a lower risk of fire than just dumping it all flammable materials in a big tank and funneling the contents in tubes all throughout the front of the car....

** - Or don't. I feel a lot less comfortable after I saw the statistics of how common car fires are and how quickly they spread...

Oh, and the other thing people are scared of (water) - check out the video of the Tesla in the flood ;) All of the other cars sunk with stalled engines, with the Tesla floating along like a boat ;) Sealed battery pack = trapped air = buoyancy.

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