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Lucky Accident 10 2, 11:38am

@Wortel Trump is hardly right-wing. That's why they use the new term "alt-right". It's hard to say where Trump fits on the American political spectrum. He does seem to favor border security like the American right. And he has made a Supreme Court pick that the right likes. And his choice for education secretary favors school-choice to help kids get out of failing schools.
On the other hand, he is very friendly with Russia and uses moral-equivalence to excuse Russian behavior which has long been a left-wing thing. He seems to have little knowledge or regard for the Constitution or for traditional restraints on government which is again a left-wing thing. He called an American (born and raised American) judge a "Mexican" which is something the American left loves to do (separating us into identity groups based on ancestry rather than just calling us all "Americans").
He doesn't fit neatly into either camp.