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Entrepreneur 10 2, 6:52pm

What annoys me about this topic is how much dishonesty there is on both sides of the issue. I read a fascinating article about the legalized industry in Amsterdam years ago, that was addressing the moralistic crusaders who were reporting that something like "35% of sex workers in brothels were trafficked in from other countries!" basically making them sound like sex slaves. The author pointed out, however, that what they were doing was conflating the terms "sex trafficking" and "migrant sex workers." Yes, many of the women came from other countries to be prostitutes in Amsterdam, not because they were being forced to, but rather A) it was illegal in their home country, B) the working conditions were safer and all around better in the Netherlands, and C) they were making MAD money hand over fist working there. No different from any other professional that decides to relocate, really.

But on the other side you have the people caught visiting malnourished Asian women chained to mattresses on the floor, saying "No, officer... I thought she was in the line of work because she enjoyed it!" This is why I support a legalized framework with strong support services for workers, and even stronger criminal sentences for pimps and traffickers.