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Entrepreneur 11 2, 12:55am

@Crypto Grahor, yeah... what Crypto said. I'm not talking about the academical "to legalize/ to not legalize" both sides. To be honest, I have yet to meet someone who can offer a solid, logical defense of criminalizing prostitution that doesn't fall back on religious morality or emotion eventually. (My favorite being, "Would YOU want that job?" Well, no, but I also don't want to be an oil rig worker or work in a hospital... doesn't mean those jobs shouldn't exist).

No, I'm talking about the extremes here: the anti-vice people who want ALL sex work banned (alcohol and smoking too, if they could), vs. the users in the industry that don't give two figs about human rights, so long as their knob gets polished. I live in Las Vegas, and some of the things people do here... *shudder*. I WISH I could say the chained-to-a-mattress scenario was the worst thing I've heard. But you get these guys out here expecting debauchery, and yes there's a lot of them that are good guys just looking for some fun... but then there's the groups of guys you can pick out of a crowd a mile away... drunk, abrasive, extra douchey towards waitstaff... who you know won't ask twice about the age of a girl they find themselves paying to sleep with later, or about the bruises on a sex worker. THOSE are the ones who'll say, "Nah, brah, it should totes be legalized! Some chicks like blowing me on a dirty bathroom floor for a $20 bill."