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Entrepreneur 11 2, 10:57am

@kiyori although there are some who marry for money, but society doesn't seem for be as harsh on them about it. A lot of this could be because men have for a while been more socio-economically more powerful while women have traditionally been reduced to their value primarily being their looks and sexuality, but luckily that's changing and you can find sugar mommas these days so it's not always the man with all the money and power and the woman only being valued in the relationship for her looks and sexuality. Although sugar mommas might still be rare because even if a woman has achieved millionaire status or become a powerful figure, if she's ugly people people are still going to be harsher on her about it than her male millionaire or powerful figure counterparts because a lot of society will still only value a woman for her sex appeal even if she has achieved a lot in the business or political field. So wealthy but not so attractive woman? Bit harder to find a sugar baby because as a woman she's still held to higher appearance standards and her beauty is still regarded as part of her value as a human being. Wealthy but attractive man looking for a sugar baby? Well that's just fine because he's a man and allowed to age and gain weight and loose sex appeal because as a man that was never considered as much of his value as it would be for a woman.