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Entrepreneur 11 2, 1:48pm

@Wortel or he, don't forget some sex workers are men. Although sadly I think a lot of why there are so many more female sex workers is because when women turn to sex work because it's the only source of decent income available, specifically only sex work and not other decent sources of income are available because of how society reduces a woman's value to her sexuality. A man when desperate for employment might have more options like working in construction, or in sanitation such as a garbage collector or a sewage worker, or mining. All of those jobs are incredibly hard for women to break into because of sexist biases that they wouldn't be capable of it plus the relentless sexual harassment women face in those jobs. So yeah, when a working class man is desperate for decent income he has all of those options that women are typically barred from due to relentless sexual harassment and sexist biases, but because a woman's primarily valued just for her sexuality she might only have sex work to turn to.