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New World 18 2, 5:01am


I have that in my internet bank, though I'm not sure if all banks in Finland have it. I can change what amount can be paid with swiping my card, how much is the upper limit for paying with it in stores in a day, how much cash can be lifted in a day and the limit for internet payments with the card (nationally most internet payments can be done directly through the web bank, so I usually only use the card when shopping internationally). The change is instant, so if I for some reason need to use more money some day it's just to log on and fix it (normally I have internet payment at 0 and only change it when I need it).

Of course it is still possible to pick up the card information even if there are limits on spending, so someone tech savvy enough could probably hack it easily enough. Then again, someone quick fingered enough could lift ones cash. No system is fool proof, and a society's ethical codes and ability to give people chances to live life as they want has more effect on crime prevention than security and punishment.