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New World 19 2, 9:12pm

@KTUOS Its complicated.

Unlike the older magnetic strip system, both chip-n-pin and "contactless" cards have a microchip in them that do some checking before handing over the data needed to finalize the transaction.

Yes there was some bruhaha about how easy it was to clone rfid (related tech) rags in stores (one hilarious example switched the tags on a bottle of wine and another product), but those are purely passive, more like a bar code or magnetic strip.

The contactless cards are a continuation of the chip-and-pin, where the card actually do some checking and work before approving or denying payment. Thus they do support pin codes, but banks etc have decided to program them with a lower limit on when to require them. So depending on your bank etc anything below a certain sum as a single payment do not require a pin.