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New World 10 3, 1:12am

@stewy497 It's actually pretty hard to pull off. The reader contacts your bank and gives the company's ID before the transaction is complete.

First you would need a hacked reader. That's the easy part.
Second you would need a fake company ID, which would make you hack Visa's (or whatever company you use), and the goverment's databases. Not so easy.
Third you would need an untraceable bank account (overseas transactions are not allowed without a pin) and that's almost impossible.
Fourth you can only use it to pay 25€ at a time and three payments in a short time will trigger a PIN prompt.

Copying a card with a fake ATM is actually easier. Brute force hacking the PIN is actually very easy after you have the copy. Takes some time, but if you have a computer laying around it will work eventually.

This is the Finnish version of debit cards anyway. I don't know how it works everywhere else.